The Mothers of Desperation discuss their web projects, puppets, vampires, comic book conventions, movies, and other Pop Culture happenings.

CJ, Adam, Beth, and Matt try to locate limited edition Oreos, half conversations, Garfield minus Garfield is the most depressing comic strip ever made, White Elephant gift ideas, cat distractions, Clarissa grows up, bionic spines, The Six Billion Dollar Woman, breasts are weapons, Ted versus aliens, bionic teddy bear conquers the world box office, post Comikaze, Matt the Talent versus Radio Silent Adam, opening ourselves up to public ridicule, bunnies saved the day, scrubbed from IMDB, Klaus Bunny pin giveaway, will Wondercon arrive before the pilot season is in the can? professional interest in The Bunny Rabbit Tragedies, being invited to purchase exhibition space, the awesome world of furries and Califur, bunnies don't live in houses, Jessica Rabbit has a bionic spine, Bugs Bunny needed furniture to connect with the audience, realistic version of Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny, garlic pistachios from Casa de Fruta, no nuts for Beth, Spectre and the many shades of Bond, what killed the camp in Bond movies? Spider-man origin revealed, the Death of Superman Lives, Nick Cage and Tim Burton make a dark and quirky team, favorite Tim Burton moments, put down the bunny, the mangler goes free, fugitives hiding in Las Vegas, Jimmy Strong Attachment, the real character played by Sean Connery, Darth jar Jar returns and kills the internet, George's long game with the Gungan, Jar Jar saves the day, Annakin an unwitting apprentice to a different surprise Sith Lord.

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Thank you for visiting us at Comikaze, does bucks and female bunnies, the great wizard Google, striking out on your own, trail blazing bunnies, spoiling the show, payoff for subscribers, patrons and patreon supported projects, incentives for supporters, test video proved that puppets are hard to shoot, building deep sets, lighting is the second most important element of film, the puppets are real three dimensional objects with a life of their own, bunny cleavage, contacting the mailing list, printing materials that did not make it to the show, a pipe broke in our foundation, the womb was safe from the water resulting from the broken pipe, the flood damage did not reach the womb, nitro glycerin for health, no banner for Comikaze, what kind of print shop is closed on the weekend, the local print shop tried to gouge us, emergency work on Sundays, trudging forward to the show, talent joining us at their leisure, John Candy had fans, disappearing into black chasms, delivering content, the mother humpers, struggling with the bloodlust, let the bunnies out, the explosion of Comikaze!, the high price of film stock, film school kiddies, cut offs, the digitial age, digital writer's block, editing film, director's cuts, Comikaze shirt leftovers, the Stanopus, #hopon.

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Puppets at comic book conventions, red affection, generation Klaus, wonder bread, the Desperate Mothers' Facebook page, The Mothers' placement at Comikaze, Force Awakens breaks internet, guessulating coined, this podcast is nsfw, Desperate Mothers t-shirts, copyright is for cool, "legally cool," collectible trading cards, the most desperate studio on the planet earth, ellipsing plus mass equals unhappy machine, the flood of the house adjoining the studio, talent has been participating lately, Klaus Bunny patches, meat segue, who said eating cured meats increases cancer risk, bacon and asbestos both may be carcinogens, CJ is one of the 10%, getting Rick Rolled at the eleven minute mark, click like and subscribe, CJ is NSFM, black whopper shake, we are not the rational mothers, sleep is for the dead, Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies, Eat This!, juicer temptations, milk and cookies juice, join our mailing list!

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Restoring the past, Halloween topics, Stan Lee memorabilia, post candy corn cocktail, the YouTube channel, Will It Juice? or Drink This! the difference in the names of the shows and playlists, Destroy This, we don't want to troll our followers, the slippery slope of collectibles, the super herp, STD tracking app available from the CDC, the limited Desperate Mothers Comikaze t-shirt, The Mothers at table X12, the candy corn cocktail and candy appletini, the Omega 350 HD Juicer is a workhorse for the show, Jack the Taco Snatcher, the Taco Bell taco shot, Jack describes the video in lifeless fashion, yakitini, fresh juice is best, bottom shelf vodkas, what the guys will be doing at the con, the price of autographs, Lou gouges for an autograph on the Hulk lunchbox, free autographs at Disneyland, no interest in line control, plans for the show, injuries, and final thoughts.

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