The Mothers of Desperation discuss their web projects, puppets, vampires, comic book conventions, movies, and other Pop Culture happenings.

Tase us! Comic Book Club, Titan Comic's Elric review, Borrow Don't Buy, Next week Secret Service, Kingsman movie refs, Sam Jackson steals every scene, Jason didn't watch the movie because it was rated R, #MagicTatum, why the guys love craft brew, Jack's three stages of questionable enjoyment, CJ's upcoming weight loss surgery, Terminator Genisys, Jingle All the Way, can you retcon a movie during the movie? Can a man be his own father? Booksellers, writing jingly songs, the world loves Spice Girls, Dalek is the most dangerous hunting robot, Mother nature would build a swimming Dalek, Shark 3.0 would be very different, Skynet would have gone small building nanites, Zombasaurus Rex, Juicing tacos, invoking the essence of tacos, enjoying vegetables in many different ways, regurgitationists, something interesting this week, Hollywoord Horror Nights, DC Gods and Monsters, DC Bombshells, Mr Robot, year one in the book, year two on deck.

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Japanese Oreos, are they made in America or Japan? Japanese Oreo Soft Cookies, the importance of new snack foods to the show, serving sizes in America make consumers larger than the rest of the world, foods should be priced per calorie, that pricing schedule would blow the dollar menu out of the water, juicing vegetables, CJ's wls channel, food cheat events, juicing hamburgers, fails equal smoothies, drinking happy meals, whiskey burger mudslide smoothies, offending listeners, Tabasco cookies! the multiple personalities in CJ's head, Comic Book Club reads The Preacher, the guys argue about the level of violence in Preacher versus The Manhattan Projects, accidentally angering religious nutjobs, biblical references and adoptions, saints of all kinds, Preacher helped shape comics, DC owned the fringe comics with the Vertigo line, graphic novels versus floppies, the glut of renumbering comics is daunting to new readers, crossover-mania in summer events, Elric of Melnibone by Titan Comics, giving Elric a movie is like making Dracula a star.

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Sausage making party, chocopeños, Comic Book Club, Vegas trip, brought our own, no ppv in the Rio, Rhonda Rousey is to the UFC what George Foreman is to boxing, her veteran status earned her a place in the old fart movie Expendables 3, CJ finished reading the entire Manhattan Projects series, reading comics quickly, American Vampire reviews, evil vampires versus sparkly vampires, the old world versus the new west, Snyder's writing suggests rich histories in his stories, the Mothers agree on they like the comic, a quick comic reader comparison, online comics stores, upcoming comics, Jack's pull list, space vampire, the decline of sex comics, don't ruin your pages, comparing tablets and digitizers, with donkey of course, fantastic moratorium, if Galactus were a unicorn fart cloud he would have been rainbow colored, editing for our listeners, next week comic book club reading Preacher by Garth Ennis. Deadpool trailer. FF opening. Subscribe like and join!


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Chips Ahoy with Oreo Creme filling, chocolate chip party, really chocolate chip anything is good. Chocolate chips in hamburger would be delicious, espiecially with diced jalepenos. The difference between sweet and things that are not sweet. CJ tries to convince the Motherws to try chocolate chip jalepeno burgers. A final judgment is in. Chemical chewiness. What they did with all the old leftover VHS tapes will shock you! Tetris is the molecular game of life. Lay's Do Us A Flavor chip contest. Alien space balls. Okay so is not okay to say. Lay's chip contestants might be shoe-ins. Bitterness over chip flavor choices. Don't believe the hype on the bag. Truffle lies. Opening the bags! Mushroom poop. Jelly Belly food wizards. Warning: a lot of chip chewing is audible in the podcast. Comparing the flavors all at once. You can buy truffle oil at Walmart. The great mouth mashup. Thunderdome in CJ's mouth. It's the Potato Chip Thunderdome and your mouth is the arena! Last year's flavors. Want to know The Mothers' favorites? Listen now! It's Free. Quantity is the goal. Comic Book Club. Wytches. Finely crafted flok style horror story. An evil goes unpunished, unaware persons are sacrificed. Spoilers. The secret Sauce Super Soaker. Image comics seem to lack editorial guidance. Looking for One and Done graphic novels. Jack screws the rating system. Jack reads older comics to relive his childhood. Old stories and impossible missions. Do G.I. Joe movies respect their comic origins? Uwe Boll tells the world to eff off. Comic Book CLub reading for next week: American Vampire. 


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