The Mothers of Desperation discuss their web projects, puppets, vampires, comic book conventions, movies, and other Pop Culture happenings.

Matt joins us, Jason refuses to eat challenge foods, Drink This! juicing burgers, eating the pulp, search for the burger in a can, juicing the McLandSeaAir burger, things that taste good together, blind burger challenges, spoiler alert, Ant Man spoilers, Antman better than Aquaman, new version a lot like Namor, riding unicorns and rainbow contrails, Aquaman's underwater day-glo rave, Mandarin's betrayal, nerdrage on Ironman 3, magic in the Marvel cinematic universe, Infinity technology, Tron 3 shutdown quickly, the Legacy made money, the guys realize they remembered it too fondly, Michael Douglas' cgi team is awesome, Marvel has a mouse to feed, Fantastic Four movie looking worse with every new trailer, Adam's Deadpool fascination projected onto Ryan Reynolds, the best thing about the Green Lantern movie was at the end introducing Sinestro, Darkest Night spoilers, big summer crossovers only exist to drain the wallets of completionists, speculating over the new Justice League movie, Batman V Superman is the classic comic book superhero misunderstanding, placing limits on Superman in order to make his story more engaging, Superman is immortal, Mister Mxyzptlk the perfect spoiler for the Justice League movies, Bow down to your monkey god!, Suicide Squad movie, Harley Quinn is the star of the movie, Wil Smith's only bad movies feature his kid, Hannibal Lecter type sex ninjas, Harley is crazy hot, skipping Robins, Batman's dilemma, ways Batman could improve Arkham's security system, Joker has Batman's number, some character deaths are formative, Oreo Creme filled Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies taste test, impossible to seperate it from the creme, chocolate chip abomination, does not satisfy the craving for either Chips Ahoy or Oreos, some podcasts never make the cut, buns don't have juice, Deadpool's butt sweat. 


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Comic book club: The Manhattan Projects. Spoiler alert! Topics include horror comics, alterntate views of historical figures, psychosis and gore fests, and radioactive cannibals. Harry's orgy in the Oval Office. Humans are the cockroaches of the universe.  We are the Borg, other singularities. The creation of accidental intelligences, like fleeting fire, the robopacolypse. The Mothers split on their comic book recommendation. Jason's morbid curiousity, small pox blankets and space aliens. Superbugs in cows may save us. Twitter is the new internet, CNN uses Twitter as story sources. The alien overloards will install the queen of the internet as ruler of the world. Mandatory voting via smartphone voting apps. The winner will be endorsed with a happy meal. Lay's Do Us a Flavor chip contest reveals that CJ is bitter his flavors were overlooked. The half life of chips is a long time. Next week the comic book club reads Wytches volume 1 by Scott Snyder and Jock. Shedding CJ update, his weight loss surgery backed up. Concerns regarding the downside of vsg and the problems with maintaining weight loss. Other food issues. Snickers absorbtion, and a giant Snickers butt plug. Did you know? Snickers have veins for your pleasure. Who will be attending Stan Lee's Comikaze? The Mothers of Desperation discuss the cost of self publishing a comic book. See The Mothers at Comikaze, get your tickets now. 

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Tales of Honor graphic novel reviewed, extensively, and The Mothers insert a few interesting comments and comparison to other stories that worked, start of discussion about multimedia entries into the Honorverse in order to build excitement over the brand, Star Trek TNG architects seeding planets with humanoids.


Manhattan Projects Volume 1 Science Bad will be the subject of next week's Comic Club, why Jack like alternate world war two stories, Hitler's insecurities: small penis Syndrome, the origin of the Jeep Willys name.

Lay's Do Us a Flavor discussion, CJ's flavors "Smart Bomb," "Cole Slaw," and "Peanut Better" were not chosen for the finalists, the shoe-ins are Greek town Gyro, West Coast Truffle Fries, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, New York Rueben, The ability to order custom potato chips on demand, Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar would be available at will, chips belong in a sandwich, nobody makes cinnamon sugar tortilla chips for sale, Tapatio chips are delicious, you have to eat the whole bag.


SDCC wrap up, did not seem to be the big news stories that it was in recent years, Star Wars Force Awakens push, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford kiss reenactment looked like grandma and grandpa making out, The Mothers talk about standing in line for Star Wars movies.


Batman V Superman trailer, Bruce's motivation, Wonder Woman introduction, typical superhero misunderstanding results in fisticuffs,  Suicide Squad trailer wins over The Mothers,  Jared Leto trailer delivers a better Joker than the stills promised, bad guys making a good movie, Jack is hopeful about the new Fantastic Four movie, Spider-Man is his own universe, another reboot of Spider-Man proves that audiences want to see his origin AGAIN, The hottest Aunt May in history - Marisa Tomei, CJ wants to see The Governator cast as Doc Ock, King Conan movie, The Conan remake with Khal Drogo was a good, fun movie, The original Conan movie featured reallistic sorcery, we should stop using the word organic, also: literally.


Supergirl pilot, doesn't fit in the current DC Dark Universe television/movie, Supergirl is Devil Wears Prada meets The Greatest American Hero, Heroes Reborn is bringing the Heroes characters back to the television, Daredevil does a great job at keeping the stories down to Earth and local, Will Heroes Reborn put the genie back in the bottle? The multiverse has to be saved in every super movie that is released. Remember to buy your Comikaze tickets.


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The Mothers read and recommend Locke & Key volume 1, Naughty doins at Hogwarts, spoiler alert, the merits of the Human Centipede movie, the Lovecraft tease, last week's six minutes of dead air may have been the most interesting portion of the podcast, dream devices, next week Honor Harrington Tales of Honor Vol 1, comic reader apps,  Apple making suckers out of grandmas everywhere, Master and Commander in space, violence okay but sex is not, Geek news this week, embargo on Nerdvana, Marvel's absence, Disney conventions and Star Wars celebrations, will the Mouse company create its own superhero convention? digital comic prices all wrong, comic prices higher than ever, albums versus graphic novels pricing menu, small press hardships at comic con, picking up sailor moon, embracing the nerdbait, Playboy models can't fake interest, attending big cons, Jack waxes on about His Majesty's Dragon, Peter Parker not an average nerd, possible videocast in the studio, ask your mom to subscribe, the podcast not safe for moms anywhere, meet The Mothers at Comikaze in October, read along with our club today! 

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Spoiler alert! who would go to a dinosaur petting zoo? dinosaur movies must star children to be accessible, holes everywhere, the artist is known as Prince again, the original t-rex is the hero, eff the book, dinos eating people is important, the movie was light on blood, rainbow colored blood, is the Marvel Cinematic Universe humancentric? why are the Marvel Asgardians all right with the Collector's collection? comic reading club will feature Locke & Key Volume 1, The Wrenchies is a long and meandering graphic novel but also an interesting read, another Indie book called the Doctors interested CJ, the afterlife may not be anchored in religion, where does the soul live? the Mothers talk tools used in their shop, circular saws versus table saws, concrete countertops, shop talk, mouth plate building, Luman Coad's Marionette Source Book, buying infromation, Stan Winston School's video courses, BJ Guyer's puppet courses highly recommended, puppetters are the most supportive people on the internet, art critiques can be cruel, Hollywood agents can be crueler, the French Onion puppet plans may include eyes, Killer Tomatoes didn't have eyes, Fuzzy was the best, mechs for operating a mouth off camera, maybe make French Onion plushies, plans on the website for background designs, Limited edition Lemon Twist Oreos, The Mothers try the cookies on air, the guys figure they have to try all the Oreos again because they forgot the milk test, shout out to Fiverr and a new theme song impending, subcontracting to more talented artists, gathering Mothers together to perform, where do the colorful puppets fit in? innapropriate Christmas carols.

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