The Mothers of Desperation discuss their web projects, puppets, vampires, comic book conventions, movies, and other Pop Culture happenings.

The Mothers discuss facebook and instagram stalking, food porn, CJ's wls and struggle with super obesity, he was designed to run on twinkies, exercise and possibly swimming in place with a waterproof oculus rift, the new Mad Max movie, playing the fat card, low fat humor, stereotypes in humor, googlefu, DareDevil series spoilers, ninjas making bad decisions, Duolingo developing a Klingon learning aid, Klingon language is the defacto Esperanto, When aliens finally visit Earth they will speak Klingon, other digressions, Penny Dreadful spoilers, dysfunctional monsters, David Weber's Honor Harrington, On Basalisk Station available free for kindle readers, Top Cow's comic treatment written by Matt Hawkins, movies are an experience, episodic stories are a journey, read comics, watch shows, subscribe to the podcast. 

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Chinese backers, supporting their/our economy/company, I'm afraid of Vladamir Putin, Klaus Patches, origin of the Klaus patch emblem, probing Chinese factories, hot glue tip, promotional material, lighting the set, flats, tree arrays, anthropomorphic, bunnies not wearing pants, 

Licensing the Star Wars way, BSG, starbuck and Apollo, Muppet series promo, my favorite muppet is Gonzo and why - I'm Gonzo, Jack is Beaker! hamburger shakes! 

Beerthirty featuring Parabola Firestone 2015, pale women and swarthy tgirls, fantasy land of unicorns, liberal taxation, ibus, don't touch your penis with scolvins on your hands, chewing glass hot, sweet stout, Jack's verdict: buy.

Supergirl promo series, costume tryouts, related to... six degrees of sepration to Doogie Richards, emo, gothics, back to Supergirl, a rom com series, she wraps herswelf in Kal El's swaddeling cloth, the Black Widow reduction, HUlk wrangler, Thor should wrangle the Hulk, Lois is a popularity chaser, nerd quarterback twins movie, amazing is relative to the amount of alcohol you drink, Yahoo relevence, PitchPerfect is the Glee movie that Glee never made, 

Final thoughts, Outlander the show, Flash and Arrow, Guardians of the Galxy's Lloyd Kaufman appearance, Stan Lee parts the sea of comic nerds.

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The Mothers discuss the Avengers, Chinese labor woes, fast food fat cats, the usurping of the Tyranosaures, Mad Max and Fantastic Four's casting of Doogie Richards. Spoilers abound so don't listen. You have been warned.

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Avengers spoilers inside! You have been warned. The Mothers rant about superhero movies and discuss props for the puppet show. But mostly rant. And spoilers!

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