The Mothers of Desperation discuss their web projects, puppets, vampires, comic book conventions, movies, and other Pop Culture happenings.

CJ and Jack are back from our summer break and discuss upcoming episodes. Subscribers please comment and vote for the name of the upcoming cooking show on the Desperate Mothers. Will it be Cook Stupid, CJ's Crazy Kitchen, or Chronic Kitchen? The taco juice video that started a blender cocktail binge. Upcoming nugget series of videos. We also wax whimsically about the poor timing of our video releases. Will Stan Lee be at LA Comic Con this year? Ant Man & Wasp Infinity War spoiler! Comment below!

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CJ and Matt discuss Vladimir Putin's secret phone calls, Superman's motivations, Suicide Squad's true reason for existence, Oreo's foray into seafood, and Pop Tarts posing as soda pop. Along the way they may or may not offend listeners with off the cuff conjecture, faulty logic, poor reasoning, and just plain old bad taste.

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CJ, Jack, Matt, and Beth get together after the failed world record attempt, eating cookies, Antman and the Force Awakens, cold turkey, striving for a record, the cookie challenge, Rhonda Rousey type comeback, the training montage, you'll never swallow all that cream, Star Wars Force Awakens, spoilers, Lucas' fetishes, Cajun Star Wars, the first time seeing the space opera in the theater, star wars licensing, seeing Star Wars as often as I want, email us, holiday special, Ewok television show, ptesd, beach ball 8, prediction: Luke appears at the end, Oreos for the holidays, gingerbread and peppermint Oreos, CJ's world famous peanut butter cake, cookie smugglers, creamshiner, the Krampus, The Andy Griffith Show is full of scary characters, Krampus and unfortunate holiday traditions and folklore, long shelf life of walmart fruitcake, ranking by levels of disgust, and wrapping up the Christmas season.

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Tim joins the Desperate Mothers as CJ waxes on about the plurality of walrusses, potato chips taking on decidedly spicy characteristics, and the most popular television show on every day.

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The Mothers talk about heated massage pads, political love rooms, and the obvious conspiracy behing odd flavored potato chip popularity contests.

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CJ and Jack and the Mothers of Desperation rap about the upcoming shows, gigs available on fiverr, and the unavailability of talent.

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CJ, Jack, and Lisa talk about the wrongness of the new Twinkies in the episode lovingly titled Hostess is doing it wrong, the Goldilocks Snout, and moon babies. Puppets, Comikaze, and Long Beach Comic Con are among the subjects the Mothers prattle on about this week.

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