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Spoiler alert! Do not download if you have not seen the movie. Repeat, do not download if you have not seen Star Wars The Force Awakens. On Christmas Eve CJ and Matt talk about internet friends, imaginary friends, fake friends, Star Wars' longest opening weekend in movie history, Thursday somewhere in the world, Disney greasing generates longer copyright ownership, worldwide box office predictions, Beach Ball is not a bad character, Benedict Khanberbatch, black stormtrooper outrage, Rey's lineage discussed, official rules regarding Jedi offspring, Anakin's exit exams never revealed, Star Wars canon is discussed, Muppet versus Star Destroyers results in an interesting outcome, A New Hope scenes parroted, J.J. Abrams threw the fans a bone, elements from the original trilogy, original run of Star Wars, the big spoiler, Emo Kylo crybaby, symbolism for fifth graders, Ben's lament, Alec Guinness DGAF, unforgivable plot holes, janitor dissing, Kylo Ren has no significant lightsaber skills, Sith training philosophies, screw last minute redemptions, Dart Vader is a babykiller, next crawl prediction, fanjob, who are the knights? reeducating Finn, Star Wars universe is a dark place, the emo kid's weaknesses, the First Order forces, rating the movies, next movie predictions, the Joker whereabouts, groups of nerds write better than lone nerds, Mace is still hanging from an antennae on Coruscant, the Dawn of Jedi, Obi Wan's coldness, comment on the blog, support the show and buy a shirt from our website.

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CJ, Jack, Matt, and Beth get together after the failed world record attempt, eating cookies, Antman and the Force Awakens, cold turkey, striving for a record, the cookie challenge, Rhonda Rousey type comeback, the training montage, you'll never swallow all that cream, Star Wars Force Awakens, spoilers, Lucas' fetishes, Cajun Star Wars, the first time seeing the space opera in the theater, star wars licensing, seeing Star Wars as often as I want, email us, holiday special, Ewok television show, ptesd, beach ball 8, prediction: Luke appears at the end, Oreos for the holidays, gingerbread and peppermint Oreos, CJ's world famous peanut butter cake, cookie smugglers, creamshiner, the Krampus, The Andy Griffith Show is full of scary characters, Krampus and unfortunate holiday traditions and folklore, long shelf life of walmart fruitcake, ranking by levels of disgust, and wrapping up the Christmas season.

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CJ and Jack jabber post meat mountain video, the studio damage backed up production of the shows, hurt Comikaze preparation, CJ's favorite place, packing the womb, holiday season, planning the Christmas podcast, adding up the maybes, Black Friday beer event, cyber Monday purchase, CJ goofs on the gopro, Arby's secret menu item, "All that and chicken fingers!" beef and cheesecake, pumpkin shake, thickness through the straw, taking the whole big beefy concoction whip cream and all, describing the event, upcoming wls, the force calls, Ewok heartbreak, murderous teddy bears, ptesd, the special relationship of clone troopers, zombie peeping toms, online alternatives to seeing the movie, blending fruitcakes and droids, other items it can destroy, and refraining from spoilers.

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