The Mothers of Desperation discuss their web projects, puppets, vampires, comic book conventions, movies, and other Pop Culture happenings.

Spoiler alert! Do not download if you have not seen the movie. Repeat, do not download if you have not seen Star Wars The Force Awakens. On Christmas Eve CJ and Matt talk about internet friends, imaginary friends, fake friends, Star Wars' longest opening weekend in movie history, Thursday somewhere in the world, Disney greasing generates longer copyright ownership, worldwide box office predictions, Beach Ball is not a bad character, Benedict Khanberbatch, black stormtrooper outrage, Rey's lineage discussed, official rules regarding Jedi offspring, Anakin's exit exams never revealed, Star Wars canon is discussed, Muppet versus Star Destroyers results in an interesting outcome, A New Hope scenes parroted, J.J. Abrams threw the fans a bone, elements from the original trilogy, original run of Star Wars, the big spoiler, Emo Kylo crybaby, symbolism for fifth graders, Ben's lament, Alec Guinness DGAF, unforgivable plot holes, janitor dissing, Kylo Ren has no significant lightsaber skills, Sith training philosophies, screw last minute redemptions, Dart Vader is a babykiller, next crawl prediction, fanjob, who are the knights? reeducating Finn, Star Wars universe is a dark place, the emo kid's weaknesses, the First Order forces, rating the movies, next movie predictions, the Joker whereabouts, groups of nerds write better than lone nerds, Mace is still hanging from an antennae on Coruscant, the Dawn of Jedi, Obi Wan's coldness, comment on the blog, support the show and buy a shirt from our website.

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CJ, Jack, Matt, and Beth get together after the failed world record attempt, eating cookies, Antman and the Force Awakens, cold turkey, striving for a record, the cookie challenge, Rhonda Rousey type comeback, the training montage, you'll never swallow all that cream, Star Wars Force Awakens, spoilers, Lucas' fetishes, Cajun Star Wars, the first time seeing the space opera in the theater, star wars licensing, seeing Star Wars as often as I want, email us, holiday special, Ewok television show, ptesd, beach ball 8, prediction: Luke appears at the end, Oreos for the holidays, gingerbread and peppermint Oreos, CJ's world famous peanut butter cake, cookie smugglers, creamshiner, the Krampus, The Andy Griffith Show is full of scary characters, Krampus and unfortunate holiday traditions and folklore, long shelf life of walmart fruitcake, ranking by levels of disgust, and wrapping up the Christmas season.

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CJ and Jack jabber post meat mountain video, the studio damage backed up production of the shows, hurt Comikaze preparation, CJ's favorite place, packing the womb, holiday season, planning the Christmas podcast, adding up the maybes, Black Friday beer event, cyber Monday purchase, CJ goofs on the gopro, Arby's secret menu item, "All that and chicken fingers!" beef and cheesecake, pumpkin shake, thickness through the straw, taking the whole big beefy concoction whip cream and all, describing the event, upcoming wls, the force calls, Ewok heartbreak, murderous teddy bears, ptesd, the special relationship of clone troopers, zombie peeping toms, online alternatives to seeing the movie, blending fruitcakes and droids, other items it can destroy, and refraining from spoilers.

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CJ, Adam, Beth, and Matt try to locate limited edition Oreos, half conversations, Garfield minus Garfield is the most depressing comic strip ever made, White Elephant gift ideas, cat distractions, Clarissa grows up, bionic spines, The Six Billion Dollar Woman, breasts are weapons, Ted versus aliens, bionic teddy bear conquers the world box office, post Comikaze, Matt the Talent versus Radio Silent Adam, opening ourselves up to public ridicule, bunnies saved the day, scrubbed from IMDB, Klaus Bunny pin giveaway, will Wondercon arrive before the pilot season is in the can? professional interest in The Bunny Rabbit Tragedies, being invited to purchase exhibition space, the awesome world of furries and Califur, bunnies don't live in houses, Jessica Rabbit has a bionic spine, Bugs Bunny needed furniture to connect with the audience, realistic version of Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny, garlic pistachios from Casa de Fruta, no nuts for Beth, Spectre and the many shades of Bond, what killed the camp in Bond movies? Spider-man origin revealed, the Death of Superman Lives, Nick Cage and Tim Burton make a dark and quirky team, favorite Tim Burton moments, put down the bunny, the mangler goes free, fugitives hiding in Las Vegas, Jimmy Strong Attachment, the real character played by Sean Connery, Darth jar Jar returns and kills the internet, George's long game with the Gungan, Jar Jar saves the day, Annakin an unwitting apprentice to a different surprise Sith Lord.

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Thank you for visiting us at Comikaze, does bucks and female bunnies, the great wizard Google, striking out on your own, trail blazing bunnies, spoiling the show, payoff for subscribers, patrons and patreon supported projects, incentives for supporters, test video proved that puppets are hard to shoot, building deep sets, lighting is the second most important element of film, the puppets are real three dimensional objects with a life of their own, bunny cleavage, contacting the mailing list, printing materials that did not make it to the show, a pipe broke in our foundation, the womb was safe from the water resulting from the broken pipe, the flood damage did not reach the womb, nitro glycerin for health, no banner for Comikaze, what kind of print shop is closed on the weekend, the local print shop tried to gouge us, emergency work on Sundays, trudging forward to the show, talent joining us at their leisure, John Candy had fans, disappearing into black chasms, delivering content, the mother humpers, struggling with the bloodlust, let the bunnies out, the explosion of Comikaze!, the high price of film stock, film school kiddies, cut offs, the digitial age, digital writer's block, editing film, director's cuts, Comikaze shirt leftovers, the Stanopus, #hopon.

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Puppets at comic book conventions, red affection, generation Klaus, wonder bread, the Desperate Mothers' Facebook page, The Mothers' placement at Comikaze, Force Awakens breaks internet, guessulating coined, this podcast is nsfw, Desperate Mothers t-shirts, copyright is for cool, "legally cool," collectible trading cards, the most desperate studio on the planet earth, ellipsing plus mass equals unhappy machine, the flood of the house adjoining the studio, talent has been participating lately, Klaus Bunny patches, meat segue, who said eating cured meats increases cancer risk, bacon and asbestos both may be carcinogens, CJ is one of the 10%, getting Rick Rolled at the eleven minute mark, click like and subscribe, CJ is NSFM, black whopper shake, we are not the rational mothers, sleep is for the dead, Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies, Eat This!, juicer temptations, milk and cookies juice, join our mailing list!

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Restoring the past, Halloween topics, Stan Lee memorabilia, post candy corn cocktail, the YouTube channel, Will It Juice? or Drink This! the difference in the names of the shows and playlists, Destroy This, we don't want to troll our followers, the slippery slope of collectibles, the super herp, STD tracking app available from the CDC, the limited Desperate Mothers Comikaze t-shirt, The Mothers at table X12, the candy corn cocktail and candy appletini, the Omega 350 HD Juicer is a workhorse for the show, Jack the Taco Snatcher, the Taco Bell taco shot, Jack describes the video in lifeless fashion, yakitini, fresh juice is best, bottom shelf vodkas, what the guys will be doing at the con, the price of autographs, Lou gouges for an autograph on the Hulk lunchbox, free autographs at Disneyland, no interest in line control, plans for the show, injuries, and final thoughts.

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Beer-thirty returns with Guinness IPA, smoother than your average IPA, the most average Earth in the multiverse, Marvel resets their long running titles to number 1, again, erasing the history of your favorite characters, the dream fake out, Spider-May, gender flipping every title, positive role models, the high cost of buying every marvel title, the 'Sperman' family and their dog, the tacopocalypse, video playlists, ideas for future videos, funny words, candy corn juice, the taco that swallowed the world, our worst performances since the beginning of the podcast, crazy eyes, editing the videos, missed the funniest part of the taco juice video, epic extended edition burritos, black whoppers, try not to juice everything, jumping the juicer shark, quality through quantity, puppets are chick magnets, who are those desperate mothers, Gandalf's temptation, Playboy throwing in the towel, CJ's costumes are not meant to be seen in full daylight, the protobunny, wrap up.

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Desperate Mothers video channel live on youtube, Jack likes Black Widow, the Olsen-Godzilla connection, Avengers, Godzilla foot fetishists would follow the giant monster all over the world, non sexual crushes, a big budget Mothra movie with sexy singing swinging goddess Mothra twins, what came first, the chicken or the egg, Hostess cocktails, ding dong mudslides, Apple Pie-tini, putting the cream in the Twinkie, the Tijuana Short People's Association of Donkey Lovers, the producers of Godzilla missed their chance to make it sexy, sudonym, Spike Lee's Old Boy was amazing, Google image search is responsible for the decline in adult website memberships, things wrong with Avengers 2, Ultron's secret John Cusack fetish, Sex Lies and Grosse Pointe Blank, comic book banter, how to renumber high issue comics and fold them into the long running titles, six month freeze on new comics electronic availability, electronic comics should cost ninety-nine cents, Steve Jobs defined the 99 cent pricing scheme for electronic downloads, current comics are probably more collectible than they've been since the 90's, Suicide Squad is going to be a Harley Quinn movie, Gotham fails to win over The Mothers, Pirate Tomatoes, Robert Downey Jr. is the only person that could play Iron Man, the vampire Charlie Sheen, Wild Things the most replayed movie of all time, see us at Comikaze this year.

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All about that face, post Capri Sun challenge, the results in case you missed them, CJ had problems sticking it in, also post taco juice episode, juicing makes everything healthy, you can't get fries at Taco Bell, bad flavors of Capri Sun, side effects of mass consumption, CJ's impending surgery means the eating challenges need to be completed before mid-November, taco shots, taco infused Cuervo, tequila is a natural disinfectant, Tacquila (taco-quila with a silent O), the birth of Juiced Cocktails, fruitcake looms in the future, thunder drone updates, spinning blades and exposed flames, the taco snatcher, Comikaze planning, giving The Habit some love by assigning a roulette game exclusively to their sandwiches, flagship fast food burgers, 151 cake, making almond milk, nut milk, new audio intro.

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Desperate Mothers in their second year, learning from past mistakes, tent poles and focus, wax off, paint the fence or sand the floor, celebrating the weight loss struggle, taco juice trial run, eat the pulp, market research, taco virgins, extra juicy tacos, taco jubilee, adding alcohol to taco juice, taco shots, infusions, teasing the Jessica Jones show on Netflix, what message does it send, Netflix can't afford the Hulk, fixing Star Wars episode one and the prequel trilogy, Chuck Norris is the best salesman of all time, Chuck Norris can make McDonald's healthy and cheap, Michael Cain in space, the prolific Jeff Daniels, Mars gets funky, we work on launching the youtube channel.

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Our listeners don't all listen by choice, talk like a pirate day, distributing Krispy Kreme donuts on the freeway, don't make eye contact with strangers, Jack likes hammering, Facebook finally getting a dislike button, unfollow, sad care bears, Wes Craven passes away, Scream was a genius movie, Matt spoils movies in real time, audiences just want to watch movies filled with faces of death scenes or vignettes, The Village failed to make audiences suspend their disbelief, alien chubby, Rotten Tomatoes is the go to movie critic, the sucktitude of Fantastic Four, hit-man Ben Grimm, empty movie theaters, Mad Max is one giant u-turn, the new metal gear game - CJ bought the wrong one, Xbox One love, the new dashboard, backward compatibility, Rare Replay, trade in old consoles, reading the fine print when buying video games, devouring services, modem induced seizures, Mr Robot spoilers, hacking in Hollywood, the villain in Thor 2 was the director, the Church of Superman, alternate comic universe titles, Star Wars sold out toys, more videos, rescheduling the Capri Sun challenge. 

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How many times can The Mothers say Mark Hamill? The Kingsman movie compared to the comic book, gadget use in a coming of age licesnse-to-kill story, natural dead air, silence is not a selling point to advertisers, dead air should be avoided, CJ has to learn to edit better, Heineken buys Lagunitas, The Mothers wonder if the new owner will make a great local brew suck to make it more profitable, hops shortages, Tomorrowland amazes at least one of the guys, a George Clooney crush, BB-8 is all ready starting down the Ewok/Gungan path to sucking, the new Sphero toy robot, BB-8 versus Godzilla, fake videos, trolling the surfers, various ways to fake destroy the popular toy, making bad videos on purpose, juicing General Grievous, steak juice is called blood, making videos for the Desperate Mothers channel, old challenges for old guys, scoring a hot new toy, turning a blind ear, breadcrumb trails, caramel apple flavored Oreos, Guinness flavored potato chips, smokey flavored beer crisps, seven dollar bag of chips from the seven dollar store, Comic Book Club reading for next week is Beasts of Burden Animal Rites. Like, subscribe, and favorite!


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Metal mariachi band, Force Friday, shopping online, the shopping generation, old early adopters, Wal-Mart could put Amazon out of business if it wanted, produce intelligence tests, Adam and his drone, cosplay that is too close to home, drone fights, weapons for drones, sky wedge, signing waivers, drones with roomba brains, NSA listeners, the heartiness of drones, the new fantastic movie that wasn't, crushing BB-8, is the droid the new Jar Jar Binks? nerdichlorians, cease and desists, Gungan cosplays, evil astromechs, and robot apprentices, Disney convention breakaways, petting zoo, new space movie land at the magical kingdom, Gungan Bongo Adventure, roadtrip to DisneyWorld, roadside attractions, house of fruit, apps for tracking roadside distractions, eating negative reviews, various challenges, chicken lies, fruitkake, this week's movie picks.

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Recording erections, cameras cameras everywhere, Rebel Hallows tattoo idea, comparing Harry Potter to Star Wars, growing as an artist, after Star Wars Lucas never did anything else as a director, what does an artist do after achieving success? most artists are lucky to have one master piece, if Lucas painted the Mona Lisa there would be many versions of the painting, only the truly lucky people ever got to make films, Star Wars spent a long time in post-production, high quality models were used and camera techniques pioneered for the movie, the great films of Steven Spielberg, Saving Private Ryan a caricature of a movie, Lee Marvin has a presence too big for the average human and ultimately becomes a caricature of himself, when CJ was a kid he made his dad take him to age-inappropriate movies, Saving Private Forrest Gump, the reasons why Jack likes Saving Private Ryan, other war movies that brought the viewers into the action, why writers use stereotypes in stories, blackface in entertainment, art films and other movies that fail to succeed in storytelling, are the characters from The Bunny Rabbit Tragedies stereotypes? or based on other characters? Special edition DVDs of TBRT may include light sabers and lost footage of Jabba the Hut, The irrelevancy of Indian Jones: if Indie had not recovered the Ark of the Covenant the war might have ended earlier, orders versus suggestions, The French Onion short videos in pre-production, the onion is a badger, jump cuts, humor through belligerence, people love Gungans, hopefully they will love onions, too.

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Tase us! Comic Book Club, Titan Comic's Elric review, Borrow Don't Buy, Next week Secret Service, Kingsman movie refs, Sam Jackson steals every scene, Jason didn't watch the movie because it was rated R, #MagicTatum, why the guys love craft brew, Jack's three stages of questionable enjoyment, CJ's upcoming weight loss surgery, Terminator Genisys, Jingle All the Way, can you retcon a movie during the movie? Can a man be his own father? Booksellers, writing jingly songs, the world loves Spice Girls, Dalek is the most dangerous hunting robot, Mother nature would build a swimming Dalek, Shark 3.0 would be very different, Skynet would have gone small building nanites, Zombasaurus Rex, Juicing tacos, invoking the essence of tacos, enjoying vegetables in many different ways, regurgitationists, something interesting this week, Hollywoord Horror Nights, DC Gods and Monsters, DC Bombshells, Mr Robot, year one in the book, year two on deck.

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Japanese Oreos, are they made in America or Japan? Japanese Oreo Soft Cookies, the importance of new snack foods to the show, serving sizes in America make consumers larger than the rest of the world, foods should be priced per calorie, that pricing schedule would blow the dollar menu out of the water, juicing vegetables, CJ's wls channel, food cheat events, juicing hamburgers, fails equal smoothies, drinking happy meals, whiskey burger mudslide smoothies, offending listeners, Tabasco cookies! the multiple personalities in CJ's head, Comic Book Club reads The Preacher, the guys argue about the level of violence in Preacher versus The Manhattan Projects, accidentally angering religious nutjobs, biblical references and adoptions, saints of all kinds, Preacher helped shape comics, DC owned the fringe comics with the Vertigo line, graphic novels versus floppies, the glut of renumbering comics is daunting to new readers, crossover-mania in summer events, Elric of Melnibone by Titan Comics, giving Elric a movie is like making Dracula a star.

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Sausage making party, chocopeños, Comic Book Club, Vegas trip, brought our own, no ppv in the Rio, Rhonda Rousey is to the UFC what George Foreman is to boxing, her veteran status earned her a place in the old fart movie Expendables 3, CJ finished reading the entire Manhattan Projects series, reading comics quickly, American Vampire reviews, evil vampires versus sparkly vampires, the old world versus the new west, Snyder's writing suggests rich histories in his stories, the Mothers agree on they like the comic, a quick comic reader comparison, online comics stores, upcoming comics, Jack's pull list, space vampire, the decline of sex comics, don't ruin your pages, comparing tablets and digitizers, with donkey of course, fantastic moratorium, if Galactus were a unicorn fart cloud he would have been rainbow colored, editing for our listeners, next week comic book club reading Preacher by Garth Ennis. Deadpool trailer. FF opening. Subscribe like and join!


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Chips Ahoy with Oreo Creme filling, chocolate chip party, really chocolate chip anything is good. Chocolate chips in hamburger would be delicious, espiecially with diced jalepenos. The difference between sweet and things that are not sweet. CJ tries to convince the Motherws to try chocolate chip jalepeno burgers. A final judgment is in. Chemical chewiness. What they did with all the old leftover VHS tapes will shock you! Tetris is the molecular game of life. Lay's Do Us A Flavor chip contest. Alien space balls. Okay so is not okay to say. Lay's chip contestants might be shoe-ins. Bitterness over chip flavor choices. Don't believe the hype on the bag. Truffle lies. Opening the bags! Mushroom poop. Jelly Belly food wizards. Warning: a lot of chip chewing is audible in the podcast. Comparing the flavors all at once. You can buy truffle oil at Walmart. The great mouth mashup. Thunderdome in CJ's mouth. It's the Potato Chip Thunderdome and your mouth is the arena! Last year's flavors. Want to know The Mothers' favorites? Listen now! It's Free. Quantity is the goal. Comic Book Club. Wytches. Finely crafted flok style horror story. An evil goes unpunished, unaware persons are sacrificed. Spoilers. The secret Sauce Super Soaker. Image comics seem to lack editorial guidance. Looking for One and Done graphic novels. Jack screws the rating system. Jack reads older comics to relive his childhood. Old stories and impossible missions. Do G.I. Joe movies respect their comic origins? Uwe Boll tells the world to eff off. Comic Book CLub reading for next week: American Vampire. 


Direct download: DMS-039.mp3
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Matt joins us, Jason refuses to eat challenge foods, Drink This! juicing burgers, eating the pulp, search for the burger in a can, juicing the McLandSeaAir burger, things that taste good together, blind burger challenges, spoiler alert, Ant Man spoilers, Antman better than Aquaman, new version a lot like Namor, riding unicorns and rainbow contrails, Aquaman's underwater day-glo rave, Mandarin's betrayal, nerdrage on Ironman 3, magic in the Marvel cinematic universe, Infinity technology, Tron 3 shutdown quickly, the Legacy made money, the guys realize they remembered it too fondly, Michael Douglas' cgi team is awesome, Marvel has a mouse to feed, Fantastic Four movie looking worse with every new trailer, Adam's Deadpool fascination projected onto Ryan Reynolds, the best thing about the Green Lantern movie was at the end introducing Sinestro, Darkest Night spoilers, big summer crossovers only exist to drain the wallets of completionists, speculating over the new Justice League movie, Batman V Superman is the classic comic book superhero misunderstanding, placing limits on Superman in order to make his story more engaging, Superman is immortal, Mister Mxyzptlk the perfect spoiler for the Justice League movies, Bow down to your monkey god!, Suicide Squad movie, Harley Quinn is the star of the movie, Wil Smith's only bad movies feature his kid, Hannibal Lecter type sex ninjas, Harley is crazy hot, skipping Robins, Batman's dilemma, ways Batman could improve Arkham's security system, Joker has Batman's number, some character deaths are formative, Oreo Creme filled Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies taste test, impossible to seperate it from the creme, chocolate chip abomination, does not satisfy the craving for either Chips Ahoy or Oreos, some podcasts never make the cut, buns don't have juice, Deadpool's butt sweat. 


Direct download: DMS-038.mp3
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Comic book club: The Manhattan Projects. Spoiler alert! Topics include horror comics, alterntate views of historical figures, psychosis and gore fests, and radioactive cannibals. Harry's orgy in the Oval Office. Humans are the cockroaches of the universe.  We are the Borg, other singularities. The creation of accidental intelligences, like fleeting fire, the robopacolypse. The Mothers split on their comic book recommendation. Jason's morbid curiousity, small pox blankets and space aliens. Superbugs in cows may save us. Twitter is the new internet, CNN uses Twitter as story sources. The alien overloards will install the queen of the internet as ruler of the world. Mandatory voting via smartphone voting apps. The winner will be endorsed with a happy meal. Lay's Do Us a Flavor chip contest reveals that CJ is bitter his flavors were overlooked. The half life of chips is a long time. Next week the comic book club reads Wytches volume 1 by Scott Snyder and Jock. Shedding CJ update, his weight loss surgery backed up. Concerns regarding the downside of vsg and the problems with maintaining weight loss. Other food issues. Snickers absorbtion, and a giant Snickers butt plug. Did you know? Snickers have veins for your pleasure. Who will be attending Stan Lee's Comikaze? The Mothers of Desperation discuss the cost of self publishing a comic book. See The Mothers at Comikaze, get your tickets now. 

Direct download: DMS-037.mp3
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Tales of Honor graphic novel reviewed, extensively, and The Mothers insert a few interesting comments and comparison to other stories that worked, start of discussion about multimedia entries into the Honorverse in order to build excitement over the brand, Star Trek TNG architects seeding planets with humanoids.


Manhattan Projects Volume 1 Science Bad will be the subject of next week's Comic Club, why Jack like alternate world war two stories, Hitler's insecurities: small penis Syndrome, the origin of the Jeep Willys name.

Lay's Do Us a Flavor discussion, CJ's flavors "Smart Bomb," "Cole Slaw," and "Peanut Better" were not chosen for the finalists, the shoe-ins are Greek town Gyro, West Coast Truffle Fries, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, New York Rueben, The ability to order custom potato chips on demand, Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar would be available at will, chips belong in a sandwich, nobody makes cinnamon sugar tortilla chips for sale, Tapatio chips are delicious, you have to eat the whole bag.


SDCC wrap up, did not seem to be the big news stories that it was in recent years, Star Wars Force Awakens push, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford kiss reenactment looked like grandma and grandpa making out, The Mothers talk about standing in line for Star Wars movies.


Batman V Superman trailer, Bruce's motivation, Wonder Woman introduction, typical superhero misunderstanding results in fisticuffs,  Suicide Squad trailer wins over The Mothers,  Jared Leto trailer delivers a better Joker than the stills promised, bad guys making a good movie, Jack is hopeful about the new Fantastic Four movie, Spider-Man is his own universe, another reboot of Spider-Man proves that audiences want to see his origin AGAIN, The hottest Aunt May in history - Marisa Tomei, CJ wants to see The Governator cast as Doc Ock, King Conan movie, The Conan remake with Khal Drogo was a good, fun movie, The original Conan movie featured reallistic sorcery, we should stop using the word organic, also: literally.


Supergirl pilot, doesn't fit in the current DC Dark Universe television/movie, Supergirl is Devil Wears Prada meets The Greatest American Hero, Heroes Reborn is bringing the Heroes characters back to the television, Daredevil does a great job at keeping the stories down to Earth and local, Will Heroes Reborn put the genie back in the bottle? The multiverse has to be saved in every super movie that is released. Remember to buy your Comikaze tickets.


Direct download: DMS-036.mp3
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The Mothers read and recommend Locke & Key volume 1, Naughty doins at Hogwarts, spoiler alert, the merits of the Human Centipede movie, the Lovecraft tease, last week's six minutes of dead air may have been the most interesting portion of the podcast, dream devices, next week Honor Harrington Tales of Honor Vol 1, comic reader apps,  Apple making suckers out of grandmas everywhere, Master and Commander in space, violence okay but sex is not, Geek news this week, embargo on Nerdvana, Marvel's absence, Disney conventions and Star Wars celebrations, will the Mouse company create its own superhero convention? digital comic prices all wrong, comic prices higher than ever, albums versus graphic novels pricing menu, small press hardships at comic con, picking up sailor moon, embracing the nerdbait, Playboy models can't fake interest, attending big cons, Jack waxes on about His Majesty's Dragon, Peter Parker not an average nerd, possible videocast in the studio, ask your mom to subscribe, the podcast not safe for moms anywhere, meet The Mothers at Comikaze in October, read along with our club today! 

Direct download: DMS-035.mp3
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Spoiler alert! who would go to a dinosaur petting zoo? dinosaur movies must star children to be accessible, holes everywhere, the artist is known as Prince again, the original t-rex is the hero, eff the book, dinos eating people is important, the movie was light on blood, rainbow colored blood, is the Marvel Cinematic Universe humancentric? why are the Marvel Asgardians all right with the Collector's collection? comic reading club will feature Locke & Key Volume 1, The Wrenchies is a long and meandering graphic novel but also an interesting read, another Indie book called the Doctors interested CJ, the afterlife may not be anchored in religion, where does the soul live? the Mothers talk tools used in their shop, circular saws versus table saws, concrete countertops, shop talk, mouth plate building, Luman Coad's Marionette Source Book, buying infromation, Stan Winston School's video courses, BJ Guyer's puppet courses highly recommended, puppetters are the most supportive people on the internet, art critiques can be cruel, Hollywood agents can be crueler, the French Onion puppet plans may include eyes, Killer Tomatoes didn't have eyes, Fuzzy was the best, mechs for operating a mouth off camera, maybe make French Onion plushies, plans on the website for background designs, Limited edition Lemon Twist Oreos, The Mothers try the cookies on air, the guys figure they have to try all the Oreos again because they forgot the milk test, shout out to Fiverr and a new theme song impending, subcontracting to more talented artists, gathering Mothers together to perform, where do the colorful puppets fit in? innapropriate Christmas carols.

Direct download: DMS-034.mp3
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Fantastic Four Ultimates and superhero Zombies, Stan Winston School is awesome, Jack of all trades, the ten thousand hour rule, trying to clean the podcast, Peepshow Menagerie's Wonders of Burlesque at the Fais Dodo, some people are oldsters not hipsters, shout out to all the performers on the bill, nerdbait burlesque shows, CJ embraces the nerdbait because it means he doesn't have to pretend to be into cars or boats, nerdbait marketing, nerdrage and nerd jealousy, sometimes we can't tell the difference between Black Widow and Catwoman, missed comic con tickets, San Diego International Comic Conc exhibitor Small Press table cost at 2014 was $400 and for 2015 is $500, they Mothers talk about attending Comikaze as Small Press this year, have to change the pirate puppet's name, CJ might put his face on a giant banner - scary!, the Desperate Mothers logo on a banner, podcasting at the show, Jack may be able to attend his Field of Drafts festival this year, hundreds of listeners enjoy the podcast (if you count repeats), and hidden gems in embarrassing broadcasts.

Direct download: DMS-033.mp3
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Christopher Lee, dead at 93, our favorite movies/roles from the master, do Sith murders steal lifeforce?, teddy bears, Harrison Ford the daredevil, other vampire movies Byzantium and Only Lovers Left Alive, Tom Cruise is an awesome actor, Mission Impossible is incorrectly named, he takes on an entire nation in the new movie, we talk about our listeners numbers, podcast starts selling merch, buy the Klaus patch at now!, also avaiable by visiting our website at , we will be visiting Comikaze this year as Small Press, money equals acceptance, Meet the Mothers and some of the puppets and cast of The Bunny Rabbit Tragedies at the show, podcast from the floor, CJ's accident prone, previous injuries, unsafe at any fitness level, send pictures of your TBRT and Desperate Merch to our email address, the podcast email doesn't even get spam, Krispy Kreme Burger Roulette game upcoming, the rules for the game and possible prizes and punishments, you eat what you pull, maple syrup on the side, eggrolls love maple syrup, the incredible four hundred pound man, upcoming verticle sleeve gastrectomy, cpap torture devices, eating Cotton Candy flavored Oreos, blue and pink on the inside, warning: annoying eating sounds accompany this part of the podcast, still dissing the s'moreos, visit us!

Direct download: DMS-032.mp3
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In this episode, The Mothers try to eat S'mores flavored Oreos, try not to spoil Mad Max Fury Road, try to identify strong female lead characters in comic books that did not start out as a sub character in a male book or begin as a member of a team.

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The Mothers discuss facebook and instagram stalking, food porn, CJ's wls and struggle with super obesity, he was designed to run on twinkies, exercise and possibly swimming in place with a waterproof oculus rift, the new Mad Max movie, playing the fat card, low fat humor, stereotypes in humor, googlefu, DareDevil series spoilers, ninjas making bad decisions, Duolingo developing a Klingon learning aid, Klingon language is the defacto Esperanto, When aliens finally visit Earth they will speak Klingon, other digressions, Penny Dreadful spoilers, dysfunctional monsters, David Weber's Honor Harrington, On Basalisk Station available free for kindle readers, Top Cow's comic treatment written by Matt Hawkins, movies are an experience, episodic stories are a journey, read comics, watch shows, subscribe to the podcast. 

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Chinese backers, supporting their/our economy/company, I'm afraid of Vladamir Putin, Klaus Patches, origin of the Klaus patch emblem, probing Chinese factories, hot glue tip, promotional material, lighting the set, flats, tree arrays, anthropomorphic, bunnies not wearing pants, 

Licensing the Star Wars way, BSG, starbuck and Apollo, Muppet series promo, my favorite muppet is Gonzo and why - I'm Gonzo, Jack is Beaker! hamburger shakes! 

Beerthirty featuring Parabola Firestone 2015, pale women and swarthy tgirls, fantasy land of unicorns, liberal taxation, ibus, don't touch your penis with scolvins on your hands, chewing glass hot, sweet stout, Jack's verdict: buy.

Supergirl promo series, costume tryouts, related to... six degrees of sepration to Doogie Richards, emo, gothics, back to Supergirl, a rom com series, she wraps herswelf in Kal El's swaddeling cloth, the Black Widow reduction, HUlk wrangler, Thor should wrangle the Hulk, Lois is a popularity chaser, nerd quarterback twins movie, amazing is relative to the amount of alcohol you drink, Yahoo relevence, PitchPerfect is the Glee movie that Glee never made, 

Final thoughts, Outlander the show, Flash and Arrow, Guardians of the Galxy's Lloyd Kaufman appearance, Stan Lee parts the sea of comic nerds.

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The Mothers discuss the Avengers, Chinese labor woes, fast food fat cats, the usurping of the Tyranosaures, Mad Max and Fantastic Four's casting of Doogie Richards. Spoilers abound so don't listen. You have been warned.

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Avengers spoilers inside! You have been warned. The Mothers rant about superhero movies and discuss props for the puppet show. But mostly rant. And spoilers!

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The Mothers talk about tabletop games, comic books, series worth binging on, blockbusters and upcoming movies that are sure to break our hearts, or maybe wet our pants.

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The Mothers talk about some dirty puppets, astronomically correct skies, accepting the x-rated action camera, Hollywood sends all the old people to Carrousel but saves the world, hot girls in space, Batman can see! bad life choices, Fantastic Four reboot: the trouble with cosmic clouds, jubilation over the X-Men movie,  sorting Olivias, and Wondercon 2015.

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Cj and Jason discuss donut burger combinations, vomit danger, milkshake food challenges, shields and parkas; walking dead spoilers, would you rather be the moral compass? or the survive-at-all-costs cockroach?, they discuss the viability of an animated cadaver in warm weather, disproving the everlasting zombie apocalypse, other zombies types, and giant flies spawned from the massive amount of decaying flesh sure to take over the Earth.

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The Mothers talk about Big Alien Ass, Z movies run-a-Muck, Cinderella's 40 year wait, inappropriate puppet reenactments, putting expensive movies on the back burner, magic pills, and in another installment of Beerthirty the guys try Rogue's Sriracha Stout and a grapefruit IPA. 

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CJ and Jason talk about game ideas, the passing of Terry Pratchett, Dr Who budgets, vices, Lay's chip flavor contests, Peeps mystery flavor, Brazilian death squads, upcoming food games and lie about hot women in bikinis contributing to the podcasts.

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Settle in for a long and rambling podcast as CJ and Jack discuss their missing out on San Diego International Comic Con tickets(again!), over-sharing time searching Google's image results, Stan Lee's superhero history class, tasting two of Sierra Nevada's beers from the brewery's IPA variety pack, and bemoaning the fact that most superhero movies shove origin stories in our faces. 

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CJ and Jason discuss the massively disappointing San Diego event, not getting invited to their own parties, and compare work that began in comics then crossed over into movies and television.

Darkness Falls by Kerrupt.

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Jack and CJ review the limited amber ale by Giunness, rant about nerdbait versus true nerd babes, and discuss comic book conventions. Also, a little about some current movies. Outtro: Obscure the Truth by Kerrupt.

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The Mothers discuss the end of all life due to the apocalypse that begins at the happiest place on Earth, compare the new Ding Dongs versus those of our intrepid baker Little Debbie, rant about the Superbowl and ways to measure their frustration levels. 
Featuring The Bargain by Ray Hernandez and Kerrupt.

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Jason joins the Mothers of Desperation in discussing ongoing zombie outbreaks, Nazi aniatronics at Disneyland, comedies that are supposed to be funny but aren't, and artist actors versus craftsmen. Featuring Nomad by Kerrupt.

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The Mothers of Desperation compare Hostess Ho Hos to Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, talk about CJ's special order custom Chinese guitar, the Flying Paul, and ponder the awful episode of violence against cartoonists in France.

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This new year the Mothers eat Twinkies and talk about Fiverr gigs, puppet eyes, wondrous caverns and the Old Ones. With theme music!

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