The Mothers of Desperation discuss their web projects, puppets, vampires, comic book conventions, movies, and other Pop Culture happenings.

CJ, Jack, and Beth get together for an unedited and uncut Christmas discussion concerning puppet show production and fruitcakes.

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A new Fiverr gig to commemorate our first missed deadline. And a holiday show!

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The Mothers of Desperation talk about the vacuum prop and puppet building, and movies that sucked when they shouldn't, and didn't when they should. And sometimes they make sense. But not before spoiling some movies and giving away tidbits about the show.

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Recorded 11/26/2014. The Mothers talk about bunny snouts, public service announcements, and everything inbetween as they lead up to Turkey Day and Black Friday 2014.

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Recorded 11/19/2014. Jack and CJ, the Mothers of Desperation, discuss upcoming Comic Movies, the World's First Superheroes, and Original Superheroines, as well as work behind the scenes of the Bunny Rabbit Tragedies.



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The Mothers of Desperation talk about the great television contributions of the late, great Glen Larson, frozen food, and punishment games.

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The Mothers talk about wizards, conventions, creative uses for cucumbers, upcoming deadlines, and various movies better left unwatched.

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The Mothers of Desperation talk about Comikaze on Halloween, spoilers for the show The Bunny Rabbit Tragedies, their favorite costumes and 200lb Sailor Moons.

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Tim joins the Desperate Mothers as CJ waxes on about the plurality of walrusses, potato chips taking on decidedly spicy characteristics, and the most popular television show on every day.

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The Mothers talk about heated massage pads, political love rooms, and the obvious conspiracy behing odd flavored potato chip popularity contests.

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The Mothers of Desperation talk about contractors for hire and their dealings with mice, CJ's puppet studio, and trying to make your Sims have sex while watching television.

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CJ and Jack and the Mothers of Desperation rap about the upcoming shows, gigs available on fiverr, and the unavailability of talent.

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CJ, Jack, and Lisa talk about the wrongness of the new Twinkies in the episode lovingly titled Hostess is doing it wrong, the Goldilocks Snout, and moon babies. Puppets, Comikaze, and Long Beach Comic Con are among the subjects the Mothers prattle on about this week.

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The guys ponder the new Wonder Woman costume, talk about onions with French accents, and discuss web video lengths and finally determine that CJ won't be Batman anytime soon.

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CJ Watson and some of the Mothers of Desperation discuss vampires with bad teeth, talking furry puppets, and the upcoming Stan Lee's Comikaze as well as other comic book conventions.

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