The Mothers of Desperation discuss their web projects, puppets, vampires, comic book conventions, movies, and other Pop Culture happenings.

Chips Ahoy with Oreo Creme filling, chocolate chip party, really chocolate chip anything is good. Chocolate chips in hamburger would be delicious, espiecially with diced jalepenos. The difference between sweet and things that are not sweet. CJ tries to convince the Motherws to try chocolate chip jalepeno burgers. A final judgment is in. Chemical chewiness. What they did with all the old leftover VHS tapes will shock you! Tetris is the molecular game of life. Lay's Do Us A Flavor chip contest. Alien space balls. Okay so is not okay to say. Lay's chip contestants might be shoe-ins. Bitterness over chip flavor choices. Don't believe the hype on the bag. Truffle lies. Opening the bags! Mushroom poop. Jelly Belly food wizards. Warning: a lot of chip chewing is audible in the podcast. Comparing the flavors all at once. You can buy truffle oil at Walmart. The great mouth mashup. Thunderdome in CJ's mouth. It's the Potato Chip Thunderdome and your mouth is the arena! Last year's flavors. Want to know The Mothers' favorites? Listen now! It's Free. Quantity is the goal. Comic Book Club. Wytches. Finely crafted flok style horror story. An evil goes unpunished, unaware persons are sacrificed. Spoilers. The secret Sauce Super Soaker. Image comics seem to lack editorial guidance. Looking for One and Done graphic novels. Jack screws the rating system. Jack reads older comics to relive his childhood. Old stories and impossible missions. Do G.I. Joe movies respect their comic origins? Uwe Boll tells the world to eff off. Comic Book CLub reading for next week: American Vampire. 


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